Yosemite National Park Sunset Elopement

Cozy Flannel Hike & Sunset at Taft Pont

We’re finally situated in Europe for the next few months and catching up on blog posts! We’ve had SUCH a fun year with all of our couples and we’re happy to relive each and every session.

We met up with Cecilia and Austin at Glacier Point before heading out to Taft Point for sunset. These two engineers out of San Diego spend a ton of time hiking and getting outdoors—and while they’ve hiked Mt. Whitney, it was really nice for all of us to have a casual hike out to arguably the best spot for sunset in Yosemite.

If you’re scared of heights, this might not be the cliff edge for you. These two were troopers and safely sat along the edge to take in the grandeur of the valley below. We’ve spent many sunsets up here and we never grow tired of it.

While we were shooting from across the way, talking with Cecilia and Austin via walkie talkies—we heard a strange sound come up behind us. When we turned, we saw two base jumpers making their way to the edge next to us. They motioned us to be quiet—so that they could focus—and within 30 seconds—the two of them jumped from the cliff edge to navigate through the air down to the valley below.

We’ve seen slackliners, and a TON of other “classic Yosemite” things—but this was a crazy first for the both of us. The adrenaline was pumping just watching them. It made us even further in awe for the rest of the evening.

It can be tough out here especially to find a quiet place away from the other hikers (and sometimes other couples). We tend to shoot our way around the different viewpoints to where we can end up at a quieter ledge farther away from people.

We strive for quieter places wherever we go. It keeps you comfortable and it’s also the kind of experience we want to create. Often, we’ll step away and give you two just a moment to admire the landscape. These two got to look out at the last rays of light disappearing while we gave them space.

Even in places as busy as Yosemite, if you meander off a little way, you can find your own peace and quiet to enjoy the view.

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