Yosemite National Park Destination Elopement

Yu Xin and Melvyn’s Sunrise Elopement at Glacier Point

Every sunrise at Glacier Point is a little different. We’ve been so lucky to see sunrise from this vantage point so many times. The view never gets old! It’s also such a great introduction to Yosemite if you haven’t the time to explore much yet. For Yu Xin and Melvyn’s date, the clouds were in the perfect spot to reflect the pink and orange hues of the sunrise–and we hadn’t seen anything like that yet before.

These two were troopers through the whole process, and kept their elopement super simple. We explored Glacier Point before heading down into Yosemite Valley where we explored a few of the meadows together. It was such a peaceful day in the Park, and while Yosemite is normally teeming with tourists, their elopement day felt especially quiet and peaceful.

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