And we've been camping in Yosemite with our van Moonbeam for a couple of years.

Whether Yosemite holds a special place in your heart, or it’s a place that’s always been on your bucket list--we’d love to help you explore Yosemite for your elopement day. We’ve worked with couples all over Yosemite, exploring places from Glacier Point to Mariposa Grove . We have a laid back approach to photography and elopements. Our goal is to make your wedding day about you, your relationship, and to make this a stress free day. This is about all of us having FUN and exploring a beautiful place together. This isn't a photoshoot with fake smiles and weird poses. This is us popping champagne, hiking out to epic cliff edges for sunset, and filling your elopement in Yosemite to the brim with excitement.

bride and groom dancing at taft point in yosemite national park

Ready to elope in Yosemite?

1. Elope in the shoulder season! Early June, late September, and October offer great weather while the Park is less busy than the summertime.

2. File for your special-use permit early! Yosemite Permits are competitive, so the earlier the better. Not sure how to fill it out? Or where to have your ceremony? No worries. We'll walk you through it!

3. Yosemite is a huge place. Check Google Maps for drive times when booking an Airbnb or a cute cabin. You can even look at Housekeeping, Half Dome Village, and Yosemite Valley Lodge to stay within the Park and have a much easier drive.

4. The Valley Floor is a one way road. So be sure to get a map when entering the Park! It can be a bit confusing for first timers. The map will help you navigate easier. Service is also spotty, so downloading an offline map for navigation can help too!

  • Vernal & Nevada Falls via The Mist Trail: This is roughly a 9 mile hike with a semi-steep incline to view two of the popular waterfalls in the Yosemite. Prepare to get wet though at Vernal Falls!
  • Sentinel Dome Trail: A short 2 mile hike that is often overlooked since it shares a trailhead with Taft Point (which is much more popular). While this hike is busy, it’s a quieter place to enjoy sunset compared to Taft Point.
  • Cloud’s Rest Trail: This is a challenging day hike with steep inclines on a 12 mile trail. You access the trail from the Tenaya Lake area and continue hiking up above the valley on the backside of Half Dome. The final section of the trail has steep drop offs, and we find it to be one of the more thrilling hikes in the Park! And while it shares similar views to Half Dome, it doesn’t require a permit to hike.
  • hiking a trail in yosemite california near waterfall

    Glacier Point (0.5 mile walk)

    Taft Point (2 miles)

    Sentinel Dome (2 miles)

    If you haven’t heard already, they will be closing Glacier Point Road for restoration in 2021. This means that popular areas like Glacier Point and Taft Point will only be accessible by hiking up from Yosemite Valley. So if you’re eloping in 2021, we can help you plan for an all day hike up to those viewpoints or help you explore many other beautiful places in Yosemite.


    Glacier Point (9.5 miles)

    Taft Point (17.5 miles)

    Sentinel Dome (13.5 miles)

    Do you have any recommendations for florists or officiants in Yosemite?

    Yes we do! Couples that work with us receive a custom portal where we have our favorite Airbnbs, florists, officiants, etc. You don’t need a ton of vendors. You are eloping after all. But we provide the resources to find the vendors you do find meaningful.

    When should we have our ceremony?

    Yosemite is a busy place. So having a ceremony in the morning is best. Waking up for sunrise and exploring the Park is just magical. We shoot throughout the day and go on sunset hikes, but we recommend saving the more intimate parts of your day for the morning.

    Should I secure a special use permit before booking anything else?

    If your date is more than 6 months out, you’re elopement photographers and accommodations are most likely to book up first. Yosemite Permits are given for a time slot in a variety of pre-approved locations. So if you’re flexible with a ceremony site and apply early, you’ll probably get approved (we can help you fill out the permit correctly). We are not associated with the National Park Service, so we always recommend following their advice first and foremost. The Permit Coordinator at Yosemite is easy to work with via email and can answer these questions best.

    Yosemite FAQ

    We're here to empower you and help you through this new exciting endeavor. And while we have a lot of knowledge on Yosemite National Park, we're here to guide you through the elopement process too. Organized tips, emails, and guides to get you hitched in the most meaningful way possible.

    Want us to be your Yosemite Elopement Photographers?

    Full-day elopement packages (including travel + permits) start at $6200.