Having a micro wedding allows you to escape the stress of traditional weddings while still celebrating with your closest friends & family. You want a laidback wedding day where you have time to be alone, spend quality time with loved ones, and just relax! I have a laidback approach to weddings that allows me to help your family feel comfortable, which allows me to capture more candid photos. I would love to help you have an amazing wedding experience in Colorado!

" Our family raved about how sweet you were on our day. Everyone felt so comfortable and you really helped us slow down and enjoy the whole experience. We cannot thank you enough! "

- K & C

Why get married in Colorado?



I'll keep things relaxed.

I'll help you plan an easygoing wedding day where you can focus on making memories with your partner and your family. A micro wedding doesn't have to be complicated or stressful! I have tons of experience helping couples plan intimate weddings with just a handful of guests!


I'll capture the way you feel.


I'll be intentional.

One of the most important parts of my job as photographers is simply paying attention and listening. Whether it's a tearful moment during your ceremony, or when your Mom sneaks away to press flowers for you. I'm always looking for the little moment that make your day unique to your relationship and your family.

Working with me

Relaxed Approach

Full-time Wedding Expert

Local Photographer

I have a more relaxed approach to photography that will allow you to have a more stress-free experience. I want this to be an experience and not just a photoshoot.

I have 10+ years of wedding experience as a wedding photographer. This is my full-time job and I'm very passionate about helping my couples have an amazing experience.

I've mostly worked in Washington and Colorado for the past 6 years. While travel is great, I really prefer working in the same places that are really special to me. I think working with locals is always the way to go!

We take on fewer elopements & intimate weddings to stay focused and energized.

We live a simple life in the mountains. So we're always looking for ways we can slow down and live life to the fullest. We find our best, creative selves when we're energized and engaged with each couple. So we take on a limited number of couples during the peak season in Colorado and Washington.

Now booking for 2023.