Washington Waterfall Elopement

Taylor and Eric were inspired to elope in the magical rainforests in Olympic National Park. It had been a place on their bucket list for a while, so they decided to elope out here and make a trip of it! We always love getting to share our home (the Olympic Peninsula) with our couples. It’s a truly special place for us, and it’s why we ended up living out here! These two kept all of their plans super simple and left most of the location decisions up to us!

The rugged Washington Coast is such a stunning place: waterfalls, rainforests, and rock formations dotting the beaches along the Pacific Ocean. So Taylor and Eric were able to experience everything the Washington Coast had to offer on a quiet and September fall-like afternoon.

After their beautiful vows in the rainforest, we went to explore a nearby waterfall (waterfalls are Taylor’s favorite). They were both so happy to spend a lot of time exploring it on their elopement day. They spend their summer weekends waterfall hunting (as they call it) in Connecticut/New York–so we knew this was the perfect spot for them! And then they found a cozy spot to read elopement letters from family. Taylor had also written Eric a letter–a letter she wrote nearly 3 years ago when she knew they would end up getting married, for him to read on their elopement day. It was such a romantic gesture, and she even has more letters written for them now to read throughout their life together. It doesn’t get any sweeter or more intentional than that!

They took an afternoon nap before meeting up again for sunset at one of our favorite beaches. These two were so giggly, playful, and just excited to finally be married. They explored some tidepools and walked further along the beach before doing their first dance at sunset. Taylor and Eric’s elopement was simple, filled with lots of downtime to focus on each other–and most importantly, was a super intentional adventure to jumpstart their marriage! We couldn’t be more excited to see where life takes them next!

Elopement Tips:

  • Elope somewhere on your bucket list! Really think through the places you’ve always wanted to visit together, or go back somewhere nostalgic in your relationship.
  • Keep plans simple. This allows you to focus on each other and not have to think about planning or lots of details.
  • Finish your elopement day with a first dance. It can be a beautiful way to end the day! Keep in mind for first dances on the beach, the waves are very loud sometimes–so be sure to bring a loud speaker. If you work with us, we’re happy to download the song for you to play and we’ll bring along our bluetooth speaker so you don’t have to!
  • Check the tide charts. Some beaches are inaccessible or have less room to explore at high tide. We love going at low tide when possible to check out tidepools.