Washington Sunrise Elopement

Mia and Cody flew out to Seattle from Arizona to elope in the beautiful state of Washington with us! We were so excited to show these two one of our favorite places in the Pacific-Northwest!

We were even able to meet up with them in Bellingham for coffee the day before. Which while we don’t always have a ton of time during our busy season, we’re happy when we can actually hang out with our couples beforehand. Especially if we’re getting to share a favorite coffee shop of ours.

The road going up this gorgeous spot was closed due to snow and rockfall on the road. So we planned ahead and hiked up the road for their private ceremony right before sunrise. It was a pretty cold and windy morning for the middle of summer, but once the sun peaked over the mountains we all started to warm up!

After their ceremony, Cody, who runs Arizona Mead Company, brought out a special edition mead that he had made for their elopement. They were so generous and let us even have our cup of mead to try! It was so delicious. And it was such a great way to bring something they’re passionate about into their elopement day.

After exploring the mountains for sunrise, we met up again in the evening for a very casual session at their A-Frame. It was such an easy-going day, and just goes to show that you can celebrate in whatever way is meaningful for you! We enjoyed the evening with more drinks, chatting about their elopement ceremony, and we even busted out the Polaroid camera to snap a few photos.