Washington Micro Wedding

Elizabeth and Alison planned an adventurous two-day elopement in Leavenworth, Washington. They wanted to hike at sunrise, have a ceremony with friends and family, and go to one of their favorite climbing spots the next day. It was a combination of doing the things they love to do together while bringing the people they love along to celebrate. These two were so adventurous and loving. It was easy to see just how excited they were from the moment I met them.

It was early October, which in Washington, usually means rain and super cold weather. But Elizabeth and Alison had a crystal clear night sky full of stars above them as they started hiking through the forest with me. As we climbed higher, frost was covering the ground and we could hear the frozen crunch underneath our boots. We reached our viewpoint overlooking an alpine lake and sweeping views of the Cascades around us. It was breathtaking even in the dark!

Elizabeth and Alison exchanged vows just as the sunrise was starting to peak over the mountains. They giggled, cried, held each other, and had the space to share their love and vulnerability. It was really precious and I’m so grateful I got to witness their vows. We climbed back to the top of the ridge to see sunrise and it was such a magical display of Fall colors in the Pacific Northwest. It’s rare that you get such a clear sunny day with the Fall colors!

After watching sunrise and taking more photos, we headed back to the trailhead to go meet their friends for their wedding ceremony. The location was beautiful! I always recommend keeping ceremonies at private venues or easy-access viewpoints. It just keeps everyone more comfortable and you’ll have fewer logistics. Especially for a ceremony, you want to feel relaxed and not have to think about corralling loved ones 😛

Everyone was so excited (even though we were all a bit cold). Elizabeth’s roommate was their officiant and led a beautiful ceremony. And a few of their friends took charge of making delicious pour-over coffee! After the ceremony, they enjoyed fresh pastries they brought from Seattle and their coffee. It was such a relaxing ceremony and everybody was just excited for the sunny weather and the beautiful day celebrating in the mountains!

You can check out their rock-climbing blog post from their second day here.

Micro Wedding Tip:

Always choose an accessible vista or viewpoint that keeps your guests comfortable and works even in bad weather. I do not recommend having any amount of guests hike for a ceremony. For more than 5 guests, I recommend a private venue or a reservable ceremony viewpoint (we have some amazing ones here in Colorado)!

Elopement Tips:

  • Always bring baselayers or tights to wear underneath wedding attire when you expect cold weather.
  • Sunrise is really challenging for most couples. It’s cold, dark, and most couples are exhausted by the afternoon. If sunrise is important, plan on being done for the day by noon-ish like Elizabeth and Alison did. Their climbing session was the next day. So they gave themselves lots of time to rest and relax. You can also plan for afternoon/sunset to do everything “all in one go” if you want great lighting and a relaxed day.
  • If you want to make pour-over coffee for your elopement, be sure to bring a ziplock or reusable bag to pack out your coffee grounds. We cannot dump food/drinks or leave anything behind.


HMU: Anne Timss

Florals: Love me Flowers

Donuts: Raised Donuts

Food: Meire Catering