Washington Camping Engagement Session

Holy smokes. These two.

We’ll be documenting their elopement with family next year in Washington, but we met up this summer to go to one of their favorite camping spots for engagement photos. They’ve been working on their vows and commitment to one another for the past two years. This camping trip was an intentional getaway to reflect on their relationship and what marriage would look like for them next year. What a deliberate way to start your life together, right?

This is such a personal and meaningful place for them. We were beyond honored to even visit this magical lakeside spot, yet alone spend a few days camping and getting to know them on a more personal level. These two were vulnerable and incredibly kind to us, and it further reminds us why we love our job so much. Moments like these.

This year we’ve been slowing down even more, and so far we’ve camped with a few of our couples (even some dear friends of ours who got married with us last year). And that’s made our jobs even more rewarding. Not to say we get to camp with everyone, but we enjoy it when we can!!

Either way, we enjoyed learning from these two on how to be more deliberate in a relationship, we enjoyed hiking 10+ miles to some amazing lakes, and we’re so so grateful to have been a part of this. We can’t wait to slide up to Seattle and have some of their famous homemade pizza and be a part of their big day next year!