Sunset Micro Wedding Mt. Baker

Madison and Kiefer live out on the Olympic Peninsula (where I used to live), and so they wanted to get married somewhere special in the PNW. They chose to have an intimate wedding with their closest family at Mt. Baker since it’s where they go skiing together in the winter. They both knew they’d be a little nervous going into their day, so after they both got ready, they started their day with some alone time tucked away in the forest. Even if you’re having a formal ceremony, it’s totally okay to spend time alone together beforehand! It definitely helps couples get rid of the jitters!

After exploring the forest, we gathered the family from all of their separate cabins and went up the mountain road for their ceremony. It was a bright sunny afternoon and we were lucky enough to get set up at their ceremony spot (you cannot reserve or guarantee availability for this spot even though a permit is required)! It worked out beautifully and Madison’s brother said some sweet words and officiated their ceremony. There were a lot of tears from everybody and lots of long hugs after their ceremony. I love seeing how close families are and how much love is shared in such a meaningful moment! It was really special.

Some of the guests went ahead and started getting a picnic table set up for drinks, cake, and signing the marriage license! This is probably the most outdoor-experienced PNW family I’ve ever worked with! Everyone was either a local to Washington or flew down from remote Alaska. So everyone felt right at home sitting around a picnic table in the mountains. I even learned from Kiefer’s grandmother that when fireweed blooms to the top it means 6 weeks until winter.

After saying goodbye to family, we headed out on a short hike to enjoy the sunset! We ended up exploring a few different shorter trails chasing the light and having fun. After such a beautiful afternoon and evening celebrating with family, I made sure Madison and Kiefer had a moment alone to enjoy the sunset. It was such a peaceful moment that it even brought Madison to tears. I love when couples can really soak up the experience and be in the moment together. I am so grateful to be a part of this experience and get to meet Madison and Kiefer and their families! I had such a beautiful summer day exploring the PNW with them!


  • If you plan on using picnic tables, make sure to bring a tablecloth and extra chairs if needed. Always have a backup plan (like your cabin) in case picnic tables are all taken or it’s raining.
  • Not into sunrise? You can have a relaxed morning at your Airbnb instead!
  • Get nervous/anxious easily? Make sure to start your day with alone time together to help calm the nerves. It’s totally okay to spend time together before your ceremony! You don’t have to follow any rules!

LNT: Sparkling water was used for champagne photos. Permission was obtained (no permit needed though) from the National Forest Service for having thier picnic event. All garbage was removed after the picnic and all liquids were collected in a Nalgene bottle. Guest count was allowed only on designated trails outside of the wilderness area. Rules and permits are subject to change. I’m very familiar with permits, rules, and talk regularly with staff and permit coordinators. I’m happy to walk you through the logistics!


Cake: Pure Bliss

Flowers: Floravore NW

Hair/Makeup: Anne Timss

Dress: Leanne Marshall

Shoes: Red Wing