Sunrise Telluride Elopement

Sarah and William decided to elope in Colorado on a one-month notice! These two were super fun and spontaneous when we talked to them on our phone call. They asked us, “Where will you be next month roughly? We’ll come out there and elope!” So they flew out to Colorado and eloped with us in Telluride (another one of our favorite mountain towns). And it’s pretty easy to fly off when you’re both pilots! It was so cool getting to hear about their seaplane adventures in Florida!

Since it was such short notice, they had us plan their hike and trusted us with their elopement adventure. So we took them up to one of our favorite alpine lakes with amazing views of the surrounding mountains. We got gorgeous alpenglow on the mountains for their ceremony, and we just remember it being super quiet and still. They asked for their ceremony to be private just between them, so we stood farther back than normal and let them celebrate! It was such an intentional gesture, and while we love getting up close to capture sweet moments, we always respect our couples’ wishes in making their elopement unique to them.

After their ceremony, we continued to explore along the trail for more photos. We love getting to take photos and explore the more “wide open” valleys of Colorado. The mountains here just make you feel small (in a good way) and it’s always a magical experience to hike through the Rockies. We even managed to get an amazing view of the mountains along the creek (the last few photos) that we didn’t see when we were hiking in the dark!

We were all getting pretty hungry, so we headed back into Telluride and found some street tacos. We shared a few beers, chatted about the rest of their trip, and ended their day after lunch. It was such a spontaneous and simple elopement focused on celebrating their journey together. We really enjoyed adventuring around Telluride with Sarah and William. We cannot thank them enough for trusting us with their spontaneous elopement in Colorado. We hope to go on another adventure with them in the future!

Elopement Tips:

  • You can elope on short notice! It doesn’t have to be planned a year in advance like a traditional wedding.
  • Trust your photographer! Experienced elopement photographers know how to plan an adventure that’s right for you.
  • You can make your vows truly private. Even your photographer can stand farther away if that makes you both feel more comfortable.