Sunrise Mt. Rainier Elopement

This Mt. Rainier elopement was one for the books! Amanda and Rob wanted to elope at Mt. Rainier National Park after having lived in Seattle a few years ago. They’ve traveled all over the world together, and their relationship has been one huge adventure after another. These two were so fun and open with us from the start. This is really important…because within our first 30 minutes together we encountered a black bear on the trail (we were totally safe, kept our distance, and had our bear spray too). They opted to start their elopement in Mt. Rainier at sunrise with us, when it would be much more intimate.

After exchanging vows and admiring the alpenglow on Mt. Rainier, they continued their elopement day by knocking out a 6-mile hike to get up and close to the beautiful and grand volcano. It’s one thing to see Mt. Rainier from Seattle, but to hike up as close as possible without climbing? It really puts the grandeur of this place on a whole new level.

While resting in the afternoon, they brought all of their favorite desserts from Seattle! And they were kind enough to get Ryan a special cupcake for his birthday a few days later! After a good nap, we headed out on a shorter hike in a different area for their Mt. Rainier elopement to celebrate with some beers/seltzers and take in the sunset views! It was a day full of hiking and adventure, and that’s exactly what they asked for when they reached out to us!

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Photo preview of Mt. Rainier elopement at sunrise.

Thinking about your own Mt. Rainier elopement? Tips From This Elopement!

  • Sunrise is always worth it for the intimacy!
  • Consider bringing your favorite desserts like cookies, cupcakes, muffins, etc. You don’t have to order a cake if that’s not your thing. Smaller desserts can be easier to manage. You can check out our unique elopement ideas blog post for more ideas.
  • Carry bear spray with you when you are hiking in bear country and know how to handle wildlife encounters. We always have bear spray on us, and used to live in Grand Teton NP teaching visitors how to handle bears.
Mt. Rainier at sunrise from a meadow
Bride getting ready in a parking lot at Mt. Rainier National Park
Bride and groom having their first look with Mt. Rainier behind them
Bride and groom looking out towards Mt. Rainier
Bride and groom exchanging vows
Couple drinking beer to celebrate their elopement
Bride and groom wearing hiking boots
Couple standing in a meadow with Mt. Rainier in the distance


Makeup & Hair: Anne Timss

Florals: Rusted Vase Co.