Sunrise Hurricane Ridge Elopement

We are so excited to share Megan and Adam’s elopement in Olympic National Park! We used to live in Port Angeles, so this National Park was literally our backyard. It holds such a special place in our hearts. And of course, we’re always excited to hike Hurricane Ridge with our couples (especially at sunrise). These two were up for anything and just wanted to explore the mountains and the coast!

While we always aim to have vows just before sunrise, I don’t think we’ve ever timed it better. Right after they finished their vows, Adam got really excited seeing the sunrise light up the mountains for the day. It’s one of our favorite experiences and it’s always worth the early wake-up call.

After we explored Hurricane Ridge for their vows, we all took a long break in the afternoon. We met up again for a sunset hike at one of our favorite beaches on the Washington Coast. The rock formations are absolutely stunning and the beaches are so wide-open, it’s easy to explore for hours. It was such an easy-going day and Megan and Adam had us laughing nonstop. We’re so excited to finally share their adventure elopement with us from Hurricane Ridge!