Summer Sunrise Mt. Baker Elopement

Chelsea and Chris are travel nurses who have lived nomadically all over the country together. They worked in Tacoma, Washington together and fell in love with the landscape of the Pacific-Northwest. These two were like old friends as soon as we chatted on the phone. They love board games, beer, and a good hike! And that’s right up our alley too! These two were originally going to elope in North Cascades National Park, but due to some wildfire activity, we changed plans and pivoted to Mt. Baker National Forest! So believe it or not–this is the backup plan! We’re so grateful that almost anywhere we hike in Washington is absolutely stunning.

We did a more strenuous sunrise hike and were lucky enough to get a perfectly clear morning. Sometimes this location can be quite moody and fogged in, but we were all excited no matter what the weather would be. They exchanged the sweetest vows at sunrise, set up their camp chairs and played one of their favorite card games, and even made their own charcuterie board! Not to mention they brought an extra of their favorite beers for us to have!

After an adventurous morning, we went back to their cozy cabin. They brought a frozen take-home pizza from one of their favorite wood-fired pizzerias in Tacoma, as well as an amazing chai and black pepper cake for dessert. We love it when couples really personalize their food/desserts around their relationship and personal favorites.

Even though we were all pretty tired, we still wanted to go out and explore for sunset. The weather swiftly changed and became quite moody. The cooler weather and moody mountains were a welcome change after a long day morning hiking in the sunshine. We explored a few different areas together before they finished their elopement day by reading letters from friends and family. While these two are off on the road again, we know we’ll meet them again in some foreign country to play board games and drink a beer!