Summer Sunrise Elopement in Mt. Baker

I instantly connected with Rachel and Zach even before their day! I had so much in common including my love for backpacking, travel, and hot chocolate. Rachel and her Mom had already visited and hiked around the Mt. Baker area the year before, so they were both so excited to share these beautiful mountains with Zach and the rest of the family too! Already being experienced with backpacking and sunrise hikes, Rachel and Zach opted to do a short hike with me at sunrise to have more privacy.

You never know what kind of visibility or weather you’ll get out here, but August is usually the best chance at a clear sunrise or sunset! And wow, we really did get a crystal-clear morning! They both got dressed separately, had their first look, and then exchanged vows right as the sun was about to rise. We were all blown away by the warm sunrise and the light cascading literally on all of the mountains around us. After exploring for photos, we did a Rachel and Zach tradition of setting up their backpacking chairs and eating pop tarts! I even boiled water for them so Rachel could have her coffee and Zach could have a hot chocolate!

Rachel and Zach spent the afternoon at their cabin relaxing with family before their early evening ceremony. Everyone was so excited and blown away by the views! They kept their formal ceremony short and simple with Rachel’s brother there to officiate. They snuck away from family after lots of hugs and sweet moments to have a private first dance in the mountains. I stayed farther back and gave them space alone to be themselves and enjoy the moment. After a few tears and hugs, we headed out on another trail to enjoy Mt. Baker for sunset.

The final few photos of this gallery are so meaningful for Rachel and Zach (and for me too). I just gave them space to enjoy the final moments of the sunset without any interruptions from me. It’s so important for me to be mindful of how I impact your day with my presence. And often moments can be so much more meaningful when my couples just have some quiet time alone to watch the last light of alpenglow.

These are not just photos–these are memories. Often times our couples’ favorite photos have a lot to do with how they felt at that moment with all of their emotions and reflections of the day coming together all at once. It was a beautiful way to finish the day and I can’t thank these two enough for giving me the privilege to guide them through such a special chapter in their lives together.

Elopement Tips:

  • Have a tradition when you go backpacking or traveling? Incorporate it into your day! Poptarts were a really important tradition they developed together while backpacking. It just makes the day extra special.
  • Make sure to have moments alone to just enjoy each other and the moment. It can be easy to get caught up in the events of the day or taking photos. I’ll always guide you to have moments alone without interruptions from me to give you time to enjoy each other.


Videographer: Ryan (aka my husband)

Dress: Brides for a Cause

Suit: Indochino

Flowers: Anthera Floral

Cake: Antler Baking Company

Shoes: Blundstone

Vow books: Forest Nine

Guest Book: Copper Cloud Creative

Jewelry: Brilliant Earth Jeffrey Jewelry Wake Forest Jewelers