Yosemite National Park Sunrise Adventure Session


A Yosemite Valley Adventure Session

We have a whole process to make sure that clients have what they need for their elopement. We have our own little kit these days of extra nice to have items too. But sometimes—you leave your dress back in Oakhurst for your morning first look. And guess what? That’s totally, 100% okay. Because elopements don’t have to be perfect, plans don’t have to be followed, and at the end of the day all that matters is that you marry the one you love most.

However, if as a client of ours you do leave your dress a few hours away—at least make sure to bring matching Yosemite sweatshirts!!! Don’t worry, we got plenty of photos of their bridal attire for the rest of their Yosemite elopement. But with the morning fog rolling in, we all got to experience the silence of the meadow by ourselves before most Yosemite visitors woke up to explore the Park.

Gina & Charlie had a long journey getting here, and we couldn’t be prouder of their love and decision to elope and do what spoke to them: which was an intimate ceremony with Gina’s family in the National Park they visited before Charlie went into the Naval Academy.

Yosemite Valley Weather

We were so lucky to have as clear of a day as we did. We had back up plans to manage the downpouring rain as needed—but lucky for all of us, the weather stayed consistent throughout the morning and into the rest of the day. Gina and Charlie went with the flow, which is so crucial to having a relaxing, fun-filled experience in Yosemite (especially with the less predictable weather). We were happy that it paid off and were able to explore the Valley without much rain.

Oh, the matching sweatshirts…

I don’t know that Jaclyn and I would ever be so spontaneously ready with a back up pair of matching sweatshirts of any kind—but we’re super glad Gina and Charlie did!

Cathedral Beach

After exploring the meadow for a while, we made our way over to their ceremony location on Cathedral Beach. Less than a week later, the Merced was flooded for Trisha and Guy’s beautiful intimate wedding. But we were happy to walk the beach, touch the freezing water, and explore around their ceremony spot while the sun came up.

Relaxing Among the Trees

It isn’t so bad waiting for your dress to arrive when you can make out among the trees, right? This was such a relaxing morning, and it was a great experience to really enjoy Yosemite without a rushed schedule or any stress. We watched from a distance as deer walked through the picnic area, listened to music with our van doors opened, and talked about our plans for exploring the Park together.