Adventurous Desert Engagement | Sedona, Arizona


Trisha + Guy’s Adventurous Sunset Engagement Session on top of Cathedral Rock

After a few snowy days in Flagstaff, we ventured south to meet Trisha and Guy for their engagement session in Sedona. The weather is almost always perfect this time of year—but somehow rain managed to find us. The forecast said the rain would taper off around 5pm, which still gave us plenty of time (if we were lucky) for a beautiful sunset.

Trisha and Guy are both ER doctors, and after hearing about their hiking experiences overseas, we knew this hike was a great fit. Guy lives in Phoenix, while Trisha lives in San Diego. But they’ll be moving soon to Northern California to start their lives together. These two were flexible, and they trusted us—despite the looming clouds above us.

When we started this short, but very steep hike, it was lightly raining with intense winds. The odds didn’t look that great. But we also couldn’t see over the rocks in front of us to see what the clouds looked like. This hike had quite a bit of scrambling, which was a lot of fun for us. Because of the light rain, there was hardly anyone on the trail.

Making it to the top, we could see that the clouds were clearing up—and that we had a beautiful view all to ourselves. We hiked around, visiting some of the lesser known parts of the trail. After the sun had set, we busted out the headlamps and headed back down. Although we had already scouted this hike, getting out there with Trisha and Guy just made us fall more in love with the Sedona area.

We’ve spent so much time in the Zion/Moab area, but I think we just might have a new personal favorite in the Southwest. Trisha and Guy, you two were awesome to work with. We can’t wait for your Yosemite wedding next year! 🥂