Glacier Point Adventurous Elopement | Yosemite National Park


Tamika + Michael’s Adventurous Yosemite Elopement | Sunrise Vows at Glacier Point | Destination Elopement Photographer

We woke up at 3:10 am in the historic Camp 4 in the Yosemite Valley, and headed up Glacier Point Road for Tamika and Michael's elopement. They flew over from Australia, went on a month long road trip around the United States, and eloped in Yosemite National Park at Glacier Point. No officiant, no elopement party--just the four of us looking down on the valley below, waiting for the sunrise. 

They finished writing and preparing their vows right as the sun was making its way over the mountains. During the ceremony, Jaclyn was tearing up as she continued to take photos. The whole idea of Tamika and Michael's elopement really hit home for us. It was simple. It was powerful. It was exactly what an elopement in Yosemite should be. 

We finished the morning on the valley floor. Literally frolicking around in the meadows (photos for proof). Then we all took a break in the afternoon before returning to Glacier Point Road to hike out to Taft Point for sunset. That's right. Sunrise AND sunset.

An NPS Sign at the trailhead recommended against the hike (early May), but the trail seemed clear of snowmelt and safe. When we got out to Taft Point, Tamika and Michael opened up a bottle of bubbly and took in the view of the valley with El Capitan in the distance. We gave them a few minutes to themselves before returning to take more photos. 

The sun was bright and shining for our sunrise session. But the sun stayed hidden behind the clouds for most of the evening. As we were making our way back to the trail, the most gorgeous bands of orange and pink blanketed the sky. So we all rushed over to the cliff edge and took more photos. We were all exhausted at this point, laughing at how there's always another beautiful moment to be captured in Yosemite. 

With headlamps and flashlights, we finally hit the trail after dark. We lost the trail a few times, but somehow managed to find our way back to Glacier Point Road. We ambled down the road in the dark back towards the trailhead. Beyond tired, we hugged and said our goodbyes to the both of them. 

It's rare that we work for an entire day (3am - 9pm). But the experience was so unbelievably worth every bit of experience we got to share with these two. We're ecstatic to share (a ton) of these images with you guys. We hope to catch up with Tamika + Michael again someday. Whether that's in Australia or somewhere else in the world! 

A little less tradition of an intro for an elopement film. We made this so that Tamika + Michael could play this at their surprise elopement party back in Australia for their friends + family: showing photos of their American road-trip to lead into this video. Hints the build up!