Adventurous Couple | Great Sand Dunes National Park


Katie + Joran’s Adventurous Session in the Great Sand Dunes of Colorado

Katie, Joran + the two of us drove out to Great Sand Dunes National Park to camp and summit Star Dune (the tallest dune in North America). Summit sessions tend to be, ya know, mountains. But we had an amazing time climbing a 700+ ft pile of sand. 

Once we crossed Medano Creek (which was freezing cold), we began our ascent in the late morning. We took several breaks on our way to the top: hiding behind hills of sand to escape the wind. Summiting Star Dune was much tougher than we thought. Hiking up 3,000 ft of mountain elevation was doable--surely a sand dune 1/3 of the size wouldn't be bad, right? 

We took photos along the way--having most of the surrounding area to ourselves. Then we joined the main trail to the top and reached the summit. Katie + Joran were real troopers. Never having hiked much, they pushed through and summited Star Dune. Something we hope they look back on over the years. 

After our shoes and backpacks were filled with sand--we headed north to Colorado Springs to visit a brewery and Garden of the Gods. Beers and concrete walking paths--the best way to celebrate a summit!

Sometimes life gets monotonous. Sometimes getting your photos taken can be monotonous. But we do our darn best to make sure that everyone we work with walks away with an experience. We started these summit sessions as a way to do two of our favorite things: take photos + create experiences. And that's what we're going to keep doing.