Adventurous Yosemite National Park Destination Elopement


Chai + Jim’s Destination Elopement in Yosemite National Park | Adventurous Elopement Photographer

We were in Boise, Idaho visiting with Jaclyn's family when we got an elopement inquiry for Yosemite--which is where we were just shooting the week before. Despite the long drive we knew would be ahead of us--we were excited to get back to Yosemite for another elopement (hardly a month apart). After shooting with Olivia + Dallas, we booked it out to South Lake Tahoe (our overnight stop to Yosemite). 

But enough about us and our endless driving. 

Chai and Jim met in Singapore, where Jim was on a business trip. It just so happened that Chai was heading to California (where Jim lived) not long after. They kept in touch, Jim always staying up late to keep messaging her. It wasn't until Chai's last day in the US that they went on their first hike in Yosemite. They started dating long distance, taking work extensions to visit each other longer. Jim visiting her in Asia and Chai visiting him in the US.  Speaking of their adventures together--Chai even hiked Mt. Fuji in the same hiking boots she wore on the day of her elopement!

In an incredibly romantic fashion, Jim flew out to the Philippines to ask for permission from Chai's parents before he proposed. Jim kept with tradition and made the long sojourn from the US. What a statement of respect for her family! 

They had originally planned on a civil ceremony in San Francisco, but something didn't feel quite right. That's when Chai reached out to us and decided to elope in Yosemite--a place they visit up to 4 times a year. Their families were completely supportive--and they made the trek to Yosemite to watch these two elope at Cathedral Beach. 

Jim made sure that their families (and even us) were taken care of throughout the day. We always like to give our couples a moment to themselves to enjoy the beautiful vistas without us taking photos. And in turn, Jim and Chai insisted on the two of us sitting on the cliff edge and looking out across Yosemite Valley. 

We really can't thank these two enough. We felt right at home in Yosemite, especially working with these kind-hearted people. Chai and Jim officially live together in the San Francisco area.