Beautiful Desert Elopement in Monument Valley


Southwest Sunrise Elopement

Josh + Audrey planned an epic trip around California and the SW—with Josh proposing as soon as they arrived in California. They did an engagement session with us in Page, AZ to celebrate their engagement—before waking up at 2am the next day to elope in Monument Valley. Talk about an adventure! This was Audrey’s first time visiting the US, while Josh had lived briefly in Minnesota for work. During our late night drive, we talked via walkie talkies in our separate vehicles—while staring at the crystal clear sky full of stars. It was a mesmerizing experience getting to drive through the desert at night—all before making it to Monument Valley for sunrise.

Getting ready in the desert

We arrived right before the sun started to wake up - leaving us the perfect amount of time to layout a blanket for Josh + Audrey to get ready. They couldn’t stop looking at how the desert was waking up with the sun and with a few last minute touches, we started exploring this gorgeous landscape as they wrapped each other up in love.

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A slow, beautiful sunrise

We had been to Monument Valley before - back when we first started dating. But to come back with a couple who had never seen it before was seriously magical. Usually, the window of “soft sunrise lighting” is fairly short—but the sun seemed to be suspended on the edge of the horizon for the longest time. Having the landscape mostly to ourselves, we hiked around and explored in the warming sunlight.

Dirty dress, beautiful views

Audrey had her dress hand made back in Singapore. It was flowy, perfectly fitted to her, and the way the desert dirt faded up into the tulle was just a beautiful as the sunrise. We love that our brides aren’t afraid of getting their dresses dirty!

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