Adventure Destination Elopement in Flam + Bergen, Norway


Austin + Brendan’s Destination Elopement in Norway | Sunrise in the Fjords | First look in Bergen

We were so excited when Austin reached out and wanted us to document his proposal and then fly off somewhere overseas for their elopement! Like what to the what what? That sounded amazing and we had so much fun planning the whole trip with them.

We met in Rocky Mountain National Park to hike with them and that is where Austin proposed to Brendan. On a huge rock, surrounded by a beautiful lake and no one else around. After Brendan said yes, he told him that they were flying off to Norway the next day to elope and that we were coming with! Again, what to the what what?!

Being in Norway was a dream. The cities were dope, the landscapes were breathtaking, and we all couldn’t stop gazing out at the beauty. Our favorite day was their two day elopement. Day one consisted of Austin making Brendan breakfast, them getting ready together and having a first look overlooking Bergen before driving out to Flam. Day two consisted of waking up super early, getting ready quickly and hiking up to this AMAZING vista for them to exchange their vows. It was beautiful, we all cried a little bit, and had a great time.

From train rides where they wrote their vows, to hiking the fjords to say I do, to roaming the streets in Norway…these two had an epic elopement and we were so happy to be a part of it!