Adventurous Horseshoe Bend Engagement


Southwest Adventure Session

Josh and Audrey flew over from Singapore to the US this summer to explore the Southwest with us. On one of their first few days in California, Josh officially popped the question! Josh, who had previously lived in the US for a brief while, planned such an epic adventure with Audrey. We were so happy they connected with us and we were able to take them on a grand tour of the SW.

Check out their elopement photos here

The early bird gets the worm—or in this case, a popular spot all to ourselves!

Horseshoe Bend used to be a small, insignificant detour. It wasn’t the “place” to go by any means. We’ve been here years ago when there wasn’t nearly the foot traffic it has today. In order to avoid most tourists and escape the heat—we had a 3am wake up call to make our way out to Horseshoe Bend for sunrise.

Compared to the gushing waterfalls and bursting Merced we experienced for an elopement and intimate wedding previous that week in Yosemite, the Colorado River below was quite slow and gentle. The blue and green tones in the early morning light were just mesmerizing. Looking closely, we even found someone camping alongside the river below.

We get to experience so many of these epic landscapes with very, very few tourists. Largely because we wake up at 3am for most sessions. It’s a lot of work (and cold brew), but it’s all worth it to just have an intimate moment—to have a place like this almost entirely to yourselves to take in and appreciate.

That morning light before the sun rises!

The way sunrise affects each landscape is totally unique. Horseshoe Bend casts harsh, bright orange lines across the canyon—and the shades of orange and red totally contrast the blue and green colors you see beforehand. It’s amazing how many colors you get to experience in these landscapes. We explored and took photos until the morning light started to fill the canyon below us.

Being uniquely them

With Audrey being a math teacher to kids, I had Josh draw shapes on her cheeks with his nose, and had Audrey try to guess what he was drawing. It was hilarious because while Josh was drawing easy things like circles and hearts, Audrey was guessing equilateral triangles and rhombuses! We all got a good kick out of how precise she was and it just made the whole morning fun, relaxed, and easy!

Another Hike Outside of Page, Arizona

In the evening, we drove to another area to hike outside of Page. We had hiked on the West side trail of this wash, and got to explore the East side trail of the wash that led to an isolated bend in the Colorado River. These two were so flexible and up for the adventure. While the hike was short, there was a lot of minor scrambling involved to descend the Wash to the Colorado River. This is definitely one of our favorite, less visited spots in the Page area.

Leaving the Wash just before headlamps were necessary, bats started flying all around us. And while maybe that sounds like a scary movie intro scene of some kind—it was really peaceful and actually reminded us of the Bacalar, Mexico town square (our little home away from home where Ryan proposed to me!), where there are always bats flying around in the evening.

These two were so, so fun and we were really happy to get to explore a less popular area and hike in a more intimate setting.

We can’t wait to share their wedding photos soon in another breathtaking location of Arizona!