Adventure Elopement in Sedona, Arizona


Cathedral Rock Sunrise Elopement

Camila and Patrick originally met in Florida. Camila came to the US as a foreign exchange student from Brazil, and now over 6 years later, they still happily live together in Florida. They both are madly in love with the West, knowing that's where they ultimately want to end up together. Having been inspired by the Southwest--they reached out to us to help them elope somewhere special--somewhere that would inspire their future lives together out West. After talking through a few different ideas, Sedona seemed to be the perfect fit.

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From trailhead to top of Cathedral Rock

They met us at the Cathedral Rock trailhead in the pitch black, ready to hike up to the top for sunrise. They had only arrived the evening before, never having seen Cathedral Rock--yet alone seen it from the top. We were so excited for them to see Sedona in all its glory for the first time from the top of Cathedral Rock. Headlamps and all, we made our way in the dark to the top where we had the place to ourselves.

We played soft music in the background while they had an intimate first look before we found a perfect ledge to watch the sunrise as they exchanged their vows. Seeing the light unravel the beauty of Sedona during their ceremony was mesmerizing. Choosing to elope and feeling inspired by the Southwest is one thing--but to finally see the landscapes that had inspired you so for so long with your best friend in front of you (and for the first time)--that's the kind of experience, adventure, and memory you hope for.

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Edge of the World

After they said said their vows, kissed their first kiss as a married couple, and laughed and cheers that they were married, we all witnessed a beautiful sunrise and basked in the warmth of its sunshine. We hiked around to the epic ledge to get some wide shots, and these two were fearless in hiking and up for anything!

Hidden Pillar

After being on the edge of the world, we continued hiking up to the hidden pillar where we were surrounded by towering rock that shaded us from the sun and gave us a place all to ourselves since other people were starting to hike up. We finished up there and made our way back down to our vehicles.

Devil’s Bridge

After being overwhelmed by sunrise at Cathedral Rock, we hiked down as more and more hikers began to show up. Despite waking up at 4am for a hike, we all opted to do another hike to Devil's Bridge--another popular hike in the area. Our late morning hike was more casual, and only involved a few photos. For all of us, it was more about hiking and exploring the landscape together. These two were up for anything, and truly immersed themselves in the landscape they chose to elope in. A sunrise hike never felt so good.