Adventure Session

Adventurous Desert Engagement | Sedona, Arizona

Trisha + Guy’s Adventurous Sunset Engagement Session on top of Cathedral Rock

After a few snowy days in Flagstaff, we ventured south to meet Trisha and Guy for their engagement session in Sedona. The weather is almost always perfect this time of year—but somehow rain managed to find us. The forecast said the rain would taper off around 5pm, which still gave us plenty of time (if we were lucky) for a beautiful sunset.

Trisha and Guy are both ER doctors, and after hearing about their hiking experiences overseas, we knew this hike was a great fit. Guy lives in Phoenix, while Trisha lives in San Diego. But they’ll be moving soon to Northern California to start their lives together. These two were flexible, and they trusted us—despite the looming clouds above us.

When we started this short, but very steep hike, it was lightly raining with intense winds. The odds didn’t look that great. But we also couldn’t see over the rocks in front of us to see what the clouds looked like. This hike had quite a bit of scrambling, which was a lot of fun for us. Because of the light rain, there was hardly anyone on the trail.

Making it to the top, we could see that the clouds were clearing up—and that we had a beautiful view all to ourselves. We hiked around, visiting some of the lesser known parts of the trail. After the sun had set, we busted out the headlamps and headed back down. Although we had already scouted this hike, getting out there with Trisha and Guy just made us fall more in love with the Sedona area.

We’ve spent so much time in the Zion/Moab area, but I think we just might have a new personal favorite in the Southwest. Trisha and Guy, you two were awesome to work with. We can’t wait for your Yosemite wedding next year! 🥂

Adventurous Wildflower Engagement | Albion Basin, Utah

Tatum + Mitch’s Wildflower Engagement | Utah Mountains | Adventurous Photographer

We were so excited when Tatum + Mitch walked up. They were stylish, covered in tattoos (both Ryan and I want sleeves), and a bit timid to ride the ski lift. I say I like that they were timid because we like to have people try new things, nothing crazy scary, just different.

We had a fantastic time with these two. We instantly connected. Ryan and Mitch chatted away about guy stuff while Tatum and I chatted about wedding details and life. Their proposal story makes us giddy because he proposed to her last summer near the Grand Tetons, which if you didn’t know, Ryan and I lived and worked there last summer. So Mitch proposed there while we were there too! It was meant to be that we got to photograph them in the wildflowers of Utah.

Antelope Island State Park | Family + Couple Adventure Session

Swiss Family comes to America for road trip | Antelope Island, Utah

The Senn Family reached out to us along their American road trip. They flew over this summer from Switzerland, and met up with us at Antelope Island State Park for an adventure session. 

While it was a hot summer day and there were bugs all around the island, this family had a great time playing in the water. Laughs and splashes until the sun set, we had a fantastic time with them. :)

We love our adventure sessions with people who are fun, relaxed, and trust us to capture their joy. We love our job and are so happy to have met wonderful people like this family.

Wildflower Engagement Session | Albion Basin, Utah

Elisa + RJ’s Sunset Engagement among the wildflowers of Utah

We love love loved being able to visit these wildflowers this past summer in Utah with multiple clients. Elisa + RJ were amazing to work with. Not only did we get great shots of them, we chatted about all the places we’ve all explored in this world. They were so great to talk to, listen to their stories, and they were up for any photo we wanted. We loved it!

Adventurous Desert Engagement | Photos in Moab, Utah

Rose + Neal’s Adventurous Sunset and Sunrise Engagement Session | Utah Desert Engagement

They came from Alaska to see these beautiful landscapes. She wore a stunning red dress, he wore his hiking shoes, and together the explored Moab with us. 

We love when couples want to explore somewhere they haven't been before and have us capture it. Rose is afraid of heights, but I feel she conquered a little bit of that fear when she was the one saying she could get closer to the edge. You go girl!

With a gorgeous sunset in the canyons and an early sunrise near the river, we had an amazing time with these two. Thank you both for being so chill with us!

American Fork Canyon, Utah Engagement Session

Olivia + Dallas’ Moody Engagement Session | Mountains of Utah

Some people we just click with and by the end of the session we're all sitting around a campfire, drinking beers, and swapping stories. Our session with Olivia + Dallas (and Charlie the dog too!) was simply amazing. We drove the windy roads of American Fork Canyon and played in the lush greenery. It had rained earlier in the day, but didn't rain on us during the session. We did get those moody clouds and we loved it!

We can't wait for their wedding in October (and it'll be on Jaclyn's birthday, wohoo!). Until then, keep on exploring and having those amazing campfires. :)

Arches + Canyonlands National Park Adventure

Ashlin + Mikel’s Desert Adventures | Utah Desert Bridals | Adventure Elopement Photographer

Ashlin + Mikel made the drive down to Moab for a weekend getaway--just a month before their wedding! They were troopers: waking up at 4am, following us on primitive hiking trails, and standing on the edge of cliffs. It was nothing but puns and golden light for Ashlin and Mikel. This session felt right at home for both of us. We lived in a National Park for quite a while. So for us, this is our home turf. We love love love shooting weddings. But we're excited to do a lot more sessions like this in the future!

Mountain Adventure Session in Boulder, Colorado

Jackie + Casey’s Windy Adventure Session | Rocky Mountains

Jackie and Casey have always been there for us at the start of any journey over the Rockies. They've woken up at 4am for our 14er hikes; they make the best morning breakfasts; and of course, they're adorable. Despite the chilling wind, we had a blast doing a mini-session with them on the front range. Thank you both for being amazing humans!

Phoenix, Arizona Engagement Session

Briana + Danny’s Desert Engagement | Lost Dutchman State Park

These two lovers have a love for the desert. And what better place to be during the holiday season than warm, sunny Phoenix, Arizona? Danny is from Ethiopia, while Briana is from the Phoenix area. So we were ecstatic to capture their love for each other at Lost Dutchman State Park over the holidays.

Briana surprised Danny with an authentic Ethiopian dress during the shoot. Seeing his reaction to her surprise was such a heart-felt moment. It was the closest thing to a "first look" that we've captured other than on wedding days. 

We'll be seeing them again soon in March for their destination wedding! 

Adventurous Couple | Great Sand Dunes National Park

Katie + Joran’s Adventurous Session in the Great Sand Dunes of Colorado

Katie, Joran + the two of us drove out to Great Sand Dunes National Park to camp and summit Star Dune (the tallest dune in North America). Summit sessions tend to be, ya know, mountains. But we had an amazing time climbing a 700+ ft pile of sand. 

Once we crossed Medano Creek (which was freezing cold), we began our ascent in the late morning. We took several breaks on our way to the top: hiding behind hills of sand to escape the wind. Summiting Star Dune was much tougher than we thought. Hiking up 3,000 ft of mountain elevation was doable--surely a sand dune 1/3 of the size wouldn't be bad, right? 

We took photos along the way--having most of the surrounding area to ourselves. Then we joined the main trail to the top and reached the summit. Katie + Joran were real troopers. Never having hiked much, they pushed through and summited Star Dune. Something we hope they look back on over the years. 

After our shoes and backpacks were filled with sand--we headed north to Colorado Springs to visit a brewery and Garden of the Gods. Beers and concrete walking paths--the best way to celebrate a summit!

Sometimes life gets monotonous. Sometimes getting your photos taken can be monotonous. But we do our darn best to make sure that everyone we work with walks away with an experience. We started these summit sessions as a way to do two of our favorite things: take photos + create experiences. And that's what we're going to keep doing.