Rocky Mountain National Park Engagement Photo Shoot


Bear Lake in Rocky Mountain

We met up in the parking lot with Hava + Taylor for an afternoon hike to Bear Lake. With 3+ feet of snow still on the ground, we had a narrow path to follow as we hiked for a couple hours. For the most part, the snow was packed and we were following behind other hikers. We chatted about traveling, both past and future (we learned some cool places that we want to go to for our own elopement, so that was super insightful). We chatted about nerdy things like board games and Game of Thrones. Once we got to the lake, they changed outfits and we walked around Bear Lake, taking photos and laughing about all sorts of things.

Rocky Mountain Engagement Session
Rocky Mountain National Park Engagement Session

No Snow Shoes Required, Maybe

After our photoshoot, we started hiking back down to our cars and at one point, Ryan and I put our bags on our frontside, sat on our bums, and slid down the trail at least 100 ft. It made for some good laughs and a snow packed trail for everyone to walk on! Although there were many times each of us took a plunge into the snow, we had a great time. After we got back to the parking lot, we met up in Estes Park for pizza and beers — a tradition Ryan and I always do (if we can) after a good hike.