Great Sand Dunes Adventurous Engagement


A Colorado Adventure Session

We met on Instagram and within the day, we made plans to drive south to the Great Sand Dunes in Colorado to camp, take photos, and make new friends.

It has been challenging for us to connect with others and have friends stick around. We’ve moved to 5 states, lived in a van, and changed our lives a million times over. At first, it was kind of lonely. As much as we love each other, we lost a lot of friends because of our nomadic and disconnected ways (social media). We have a few tried and true friends that have been through everything with us. But as time has gone on, more of our social fulfillment and connections have come from moments like we had with these two.

Short, intense experiences with new friends and clients means a lot to us. It’s the infrequent, intense connections with other people + couples that keep us grounded, laughing, and warm around a good campfire.

Panorama - Great Sand Dunes - Adventure Photography
Adventure Elopement Photographer - Great Sand Dunes
Photographers in the Great Sand Dunes

Hiking, Epic Sunset, Bonfire, & Camping

We snagged up a campsite, parked our vans next to one another, and set off for a hike up the dunes. As we made our way to the trail, it started raining/snowing on us. We really hoped it would clear up soon, since the rain/snow had been off and on all day. We quickly crossed the Medano Creek before hiking up towards Star Dune (the tallest sand dune in North America).

We had so much fun with Jordyn + Jonathan barefoot in the sand. We laughed at each others jokes, Ryan made Jonathan tear up (unintentionally) when doing one of our prompts, but mostly we enjoyed each others company as we all sat and watched the sun dip down, taking photos of one another, and hiking back down as the stars came out. We love having friendships like this one happen to us.

Until our next adventure J+J!

We waited until the last of the sun had disappeared in the distance, and made a much easier trek out of the dunes. We brought our spare headlamps, so we all had enough light to make our way back to camp, have a good dinner/bonfire, and chat. These two were so much fun to work with! We were happy that they were spontaneous and up for a hike with a stunning sunset! If our travel schedules line up again, we’ll be sure to grab beers with these two again.