Midwest Winter Wonderland Couple Session



While visiting our hometown in the Midwest this winter, we got to photograph a few of our friends. Emily + Juan being one of them. We met up one very chilly morning, and took photos in a nearby park.

While most of our sessions are on gorgeous weathered days, this day was flipping freezing! But, like all our clients, Juan + Emily kicked ass and let their love warm them up (and a few minute break in the car with heaters on full blast)! You can easily tell how much these two love each other with every glance and smile they gave one another. And their love story is so sweet!

They met in the coffee shop that Juan used to work at and while he had a crush on her, he just made her coffee for a while. Then one day, on social media, Emily posted a photo of an old cartridge game, and Juan reached out to talk about it. They ended up going on a road trip together and a few months later they eloped in Las Vegas!!! I love stories like that. Especially when it’s falling in love on a road trip because, being totally biased here, that’s how Ryan and I met and fell in love. :)

Thank you Emily + Juan for braving the cold and laughing at all our puns and jokes. You rock!