Spring Olympic National Park Elopement

Amanda and Michael decided to elope in Olympic National Park: our own backyard basically! We were so excited to share this special place with these two, who flew out all the way from Florida to elope in Washington. They really wanted to experience the diversity of Washington, which is why Olympic National Park was such a great fit.

They started their elopement day with a hike in the dark for their sunrise vows in the mountains. It was such a clear day (which isn’t always a guarantee), and we actually drove up through a cloud inversion on the way to the trailhead. It was incredibly beautiful even before we started hiking!

We had scouted the trail the day before and realized we would still have some icy snow patches to cross. These two were ready for the adventure and put on some microspikes to hike up in the dark (don’t worry, we always have 2 extra pairs for our couples)! After making it to the summit and exchanging vows, we hiked a little further to look from a different vantage point out at Vancouver Island (British Columbia). Ryan made them tea with our Jetboil to help warm up from the cold morning before we hiked back down to go make it official!

Another One Ties The Knot met up with us to do a short hike through a rainforest to do their official ceremony next to one of our favorite lakes. It was super casual, laidback, and don’t forget the post-ceremony pastry bonanza. It was so much fun, and we always love getting to work with Cherise! She’s an amazing officiant for elopement ceremonies.

After resting up during the afternoon, we headed out to the rugged Washington Coast for the evening. We explored small tidepools, Michael got to drink his favorite beer (a Guinness), and we had a beautiful evening just laughing and exploring the beach! We’re so, so happy for Amanda and Michael and we hope our paths cross again here soon!

Scroll down for Elopement Tips!

Elopement Tips:

  • Wear a cozy jacket to stay warm! You don’t have to be freezing all morning with us. You can totally take photos with a cute jacket too!
  • Incorporate your favorite drinks into your day. Amanda and Michael loved tea, and it helped them stay warm!
  • Make sure you’re aware of trail conditions and be prepared. Snow patches can be icy for morning hikes, so microspikes can help you stay safe. Check out our Elopement Gear Guide for other advice on what to bring to be prepared.