September Hurricane Ridge Elopement

One reason I love exploring Olympic National Park with my couples is the unbelievable diversity of landscapes you can explore in one day. It is truly incredible and a huge reason why I used to live at the edge of this National Park! Emily and Ryan also shared my love for this remote corner of the PNW and wanted to spend the day exploring all the landscapes the PNW has to offer!

Fun fact: On a super clear day, you can see Mt. Baker and Victoria, BC across the Juan de Fuca Strait on this hike we did for sunrise!

When I met them, we started hiking in the dark for their sunrise ceremony vows. While it’s always challenging to wake up that early, there’s always the adrenaline and excitement of going on such an adventure on your wedding day. So these two were wide awake and excited from the moment I met them! It was a completely clear morning, so we were able to see the stars and the Olympic mountains vividly in the dark. Once we reached the summit, Emily and Ryan got dressed and had their first look together. They exchanged vows before sunrise and were able to watch the light scatter across the mountains around us. We even had a herd of deer come up the trail while we were taking photos!

After an early wake-up, we all wanted to go back to Port Angeles and grab some coffee! So I took them to Fogtown Coffee Bar before heading out to explore the beautiful rainforests of the Peninsula. I was able to show them one of my favorite little trails tucked in the forest away from the busier areas at Lake Crescent. They ate some snacks, enjoyed the views, and then continued the drive out to the rugged coastline of Washington for sunset!

Emily and Ryan were being silly and complete goofballs all day. Which is 100% their personalities and I was happy to capture them being so silly with each other throughout the day! I never have any expectations for my couples. So whether you’re shy and introverted or want to bust a dance move–I’m just here to make you feel comfortable and celebrate your personalities and relationship!

Coming from the busier beaches of California, Emily and Ryan wanted a quieter beach with a little more privacy. So as a former local, I took them to a much less popular beach that honestly is just as beautiful! They went barefoot and we explored around all of the rock formations chasing the sunset. Ending an elopement day out on the beach is just such a natural and beautiful way to end the day. You’ve said your vows, you’re married now, and you’ve done everything you wanted to experience. And now you just get to completely relax and have fun exploring a beautiful beach.

I am so grateful to have met Emily and Ryan! Also, a huge congratulations to them because shortly after eloping in the PNW they now have moved to Washington! There was a running joke if they saw an orca on their day they would see it as a sign to move to Washington. Well, there was no orca whale sightings for them but they moved anyway. 🙂 I’m so happy that their elopement experience gave them the courage and excitement to make the move!


Dress: Casablanca

Suit: Bonobos

HMU: Anne Timss

Vow books: The Cozy Comfy Home

Flowers/cake: Picked up in Port Angeles