Sapphire Point Elopement

Caroline and Hasan have visited Colorado together several times and it held a special place in their hearts. So they decided to get married at the stunning Sapphire Point Overlook in Breckenridge with their closest loved ones!

Caroline’s Dad walked her down the aisle to the overlook, where besides family, they also had several birds and chipmunks in attendance. The family passed around the ring to say their own blessing, before these two shared their vows. It was a sweet ceremony and I appreciated getting to hear more about the couple from their guests. It really was a celebration of their relationship and it so sweet.

After their vows, we went to a different spot for them to enjoy an elopement picnic with a charcuterie board and some tea. They had forgotten their cute mugs back home, so they decided to “cheers” with raspberries instead. Which is now going to be a new tradition for anniversaries to come!

It was a cloudy and cool summer day with flowers starting to bloom. So we decided to hike more around the area and explore for photos. Having that extra time at sunset can be so calming and allow a couple to really reflect on their journey to getting married. Caroline and Hasan were so sweet and goofy all at the same time. And I enjoyed getting to capture that special part of their relationship.

Elopement Tips:

  • Get local vendors for your elopement picnic. Caroline and Hasan ordered a charcuterie box from The Noshing Platter which was really yummy.
  • Plan for extra time with just me so you can slow down and have time to reflect on your day.
  • Be flexible! The original location for their picnic was higher in the mountains where it was still too snowy. So we decided on a different spot to make it easier. Just be flexible and know we might change locations if needed.