Rock Climbing Elopement

This is the second day of Elizabeth and Alison’s two-day micro wedding/elopement!

Rock climbing has been such a big part of Elizabeth and Alison’s relationship. Alison has always loved climbing, pushing her limits, and definitely doesn’t mind heights! And Alison brought Elizabeth into climbing, biking, and all sorts of outdoor adventures with her. Spending time outdoors is a big part of their relationship. So naturally, they wanted to incorporate climbing into their two-day wedding.

I met at one of their favorite climbing spots (and I believe the first place Alison ever brought Elizabeth to climb). So it was a very nostalgic place to climb for them. They met up with a few friends who would be climbing and helping belay. But before they started climbing, we found a private spot for their first look in their climbing dresses (which they hadn’t seen before). After seeing each other and taking more photos with me, we headed back to their friends.

Seeing these two gear up and climb together was such an awe-inspiring experience. While they were climbing their first route, the wind came along and took up their dresses making for some really cool photos. I didn’t know 100% what to expect when it came to these two climbing in their dresses. But they made it look so easy to just climb in wedding attire (maybe REI will come out with a rock climbing dress).

After they came back down, we headed over to another climbing spot and took photos along the way. Elizabeth and Alison knew the routes and different locations really well. So they had scouted a spot where I would be able to take photos “from above” as they climbed up towards me. This, of course, meant that I would be laying down at the edge of a cliff to take photos. I’ve done a lot of adventurous things over the years for my career. But this was by far the scariest thing I’ve done to get a photo! It’s definitely a different experience when you’re not the one wearing the climbing gear 😛

Seeing them climb towards me while getting higher and higher was such an incredible experience. The Columbia River Gorge was in the distance behind them and it was such a beautiful sight! When Alison reached the top, she hung off the side with one hand to show just how easy and relaxed it was for her. I was blown away by both of these ladies!

We finished their two-days of celebrating shortly after they finished that route. I’m so honored I was able to guide them through this experience (and also let them guide me through new experiences too). I love getting to document people in their element, doing their favorite activites, and seeing couples just be so sweet on each other like these ladies!

You can check out their first day here.


HMU: Anne Timss

Florals: Love me Flowers

Donuts: Raised Donuts

Food: Meire Catering