We provide the most candid, authentic photography experience in the industry.

It's the way you laugh at something only your partner can say. It's how your partner makes you feel in that moment. It's you crying from having the space to reflect on your relationship.

let's break the rules and make more memories.

what makes our approach different? keep scrolling!

You'll have alone time.

Part of the reason you're doing something so intimate is to focus on being alone together. We recognize how important that intimate feeling is for you. We'll make sure to step away and give you privacy in these beautiful landscapes throughout your day. These are usually our couples' favorite photos. Because it's that feeling you want to remember from your day.

You get to be yourself.

We're here to capture YOU and YOUR relationship. You don't have to put on a performance or be anything but who you are! If you're romantic, be romantic. If you're silly, be silly. This is your special day and we want it feel carefree and authentic to you. We have questionnaires and years of experience that help us guide you into moments unique to your personalities!

You'll have an unforgettable elopement day.

You deserve an unforgettable wedding day making memories with the love of your life. Whether that's an epic hiking adventure, or relaxing in a hot tub in a rainforest. We'll help you plan out a day that gets both of you super excited.

You're working with experts

who keep things stress-free.

We are so excited to share our expertise with you and help you have an amazing day. Jaclyn has been a wedding photographer since 2010. And we've been documenting elopements together for over 5 years! When you plan a day this intimate, it's SO important to have experts guiding you through this experience.

Individual portraits? You bet!

We make sure to capture authentic photos of each of you! These photos are candid reflections of how your partner makes you feel. It's such an important part of our process and we know family loves these photos too!

Capturing your details!

Whether you have lots of cute details or keep it simple, we're excited to capture it! You two will have a fun activity to do while we take these photos (so you don't have to watch Jaclyn nudge your ring on a tree stump 20 times). These are the details that make your day unique to you!

Sharing the experience with family and friends.

Thinking about sharing this experience with your closest family or friends? We're here to help you plan a day that keeps them comfortable while going on adventure with you after to enjoy the amazing views!

Celebrating your culture.

Even if you plan a non-traditional wedding, it doesn't mean you can't include traditions! There are no rules. You can choose to celebrate your relationship no matter how traditional or non-traditional you want to be! We love when couples honor their heritage or incorporate traditions that matter to them.

You can bring your fur babies too!

Dogs bring out the best of us! We love seeing our couples play with their dogs (and hey, we'd like to play with your dogs too). We'll give you our tips and recommendations to make things run smoothly! And yes, treats will be involved.

Ready to lace up your boots?

We're always excited to welcome another couple to our adventure family! As elopement photographers, we'll help fill in the gaps with planning, guide you through our intentional process--and go on an amazing adventure with you to celebrate your relationship!