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We don't expect you to have all the details or a perfect vision for the day. We're just happy to chat about what's important to you.

What to Expect

Do you help us find vendors?

What about bad weather?

We say there’s no bad weather—just bad gear. If you’re eloping and hiking for your wedding day—that’s part of the adventure. It’s best to go with the flow and embrace mother nature. But we’ll be prepared for the elements. Depending on location, we might have certain back up plans that could work better in rainy conditions.

We do! We’ll put those in your guide so you can hire the vendors that get you excited :) Usually they’re based out of the nearest metro area (like Seattle). We send over that guide after you fill out our questionnaire and narrow in on a location (just so we're sending over relevant vendors).

Do we need an officiant?

Do we need an exact location to book?

As far as legally getting married goes, you probably do. In most states we work, you need an officiant and two witnesses. But it’s about 50/50 with our couples. We think it’s best to decide based on how you envision the ceremony. Is someone meaningful in your life marrying you? Is it an officiant there helping you reflect on your journey? Or is it just the two of you? You can opt to get married back in your home state/country, or choose to have a more intentional ceremony experience.

Most of the time we just need a general location (like Washington). After you book, we'll send over our guides for the places you're considering and that's usually helpful in making the final decision. So if you're stuck between a few different ideas, no worries!