How We Met

I am a traveler. And once upon a summer, I was looking for a travel buddy to road-trip across the Pacific-Northwest & Canada. Or go to Nicaragua for six weeks. I hadn't exactly decided.

I posted on Facebook--asking if anyone wanted to join me for my summer trip. & that's when Jaclyn made one of the boldest decisions of her life: to travel with someone she barely knew on a 7,000 mile international road-trip. She reached out on Facebook, and two coffee shop meetings later--we were on the greatest adventure of our lives. 

2 countries, 10 states, 2 providences, & a million National Parks later...we fell in love. 

She was a wedding photographer. I was a travel photographer. & together, we decided to open our own photography business. Our passion for travel, minimalism, and nature led us to van-life. You can look at our travel schedule to see where we're heading next. 

We work + travel all over the West. If you are interested in working with us, or have any questions--you can use our contact page, or email us directly:




Ryan here!

Jaclyn is an adorable woman who loves otters, waffles, & being in forests. She's a vegetarian, minimalist, & board game player. And she has her BFA in graphic design + photography. So she really knows her stuff. 

In our free time, Jaclyn works on her art (my favorite), and her hand-lettering. She's the most grateful person I know. Expect an artfully crafted thank you note after any session with us. 

I was always looking for someone who would travel with me and work towards a nomadic lifestyle. Our personalities are completely opposite--and I think that helps each of us be a better person. 

She's the organization to my...lack of organization. She's the reason I take breaks, the reason I stay in the moment, & the best thing that ever did happen to me. 


Ryan   PANCAKES | DOGS | COFFEE   @readynowgo




Jaclyn here!

Ryan is finishing his degree in Psychology while we travel and work together. He's done ethnographic research on travel communities & couchsurfing. Which is what he'd study in graduate school if we ever stopped traveling. He taught me about van-dwellers and how to be a minimalist--a lifestyle that works for me. 

Ryan is the most adventurous, silly, hard working person I know. He will spend hours and hours working on a single project until it is perfect and done. He will drive crazy amounts of miles to get to his destination, only to sling on his backpack and summit a mountain. He does crazy things, but I love that about him.

He inspires so many people around him. Just one conversation with him and you will be inspired to go on a road trip or fly around the world (which he’s done).