Oregon Coast Redwoods Elopement

Kristin and Joe had always dreamed of a small, intimate elopement surrounded by the beauty of nature. They decided to elope on the West Coast, where they could be surrounded by the towering Redwoods and the crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean. 

The day of their ceremony, the skies opened up and it poured rain all morning. But Kristin and Joe were determined to make the most of their special day, rain or shine. They stood under clear umbrellas, completely unfazed by the rain, and exchanged their vows surrounded by the misty forest. 

After the ceremony, Kristin and Joe explored the Redwoods, taking in the majesty of the towering trees. But soon, the couple needed a pick-me-up, so they headed to Dutch Bros for some hot chocolate!

As the rain lifted, Kristin and Joe made their way to a beautiful coastal spot. They laid out a picnic complete with donuts and champagne, enjoying each other’s company and the stunning views of the ocean. 

Kristin and Joe’s elopement adventure was a testament to their love and commitment to each other. They embraced the unexpected rain with grace.