How to Get Those Epic Shots


We’ll most likely have to hike.

Which we think is a great thing! It wouldn’t be an adventurous elopement without some form of a hike. There are some roadside pull offs and more accessible Park areas for those who prefer less hiking—but in order to really get the elopement views & experiences we strive for—we’ll have to hike.

Most hikes are 2-5 miles, although we’ve done 17 mile hikes too, and vary in altitude from sea level to 14,000 ft.

We might wake up early.

Depending on your location, and how busy it is, we might have to wake up early. For sunrise at Yosemite, we wake up at 3:30-4:00am in order to drive up to Glacier Point from the valley floor. Other, less busy National Parks + locations are less crowded, making sunset sessions more feasible. It just depends on where you’re ceremony takes place.

We might have steep drop offs.

A lot of hikes and epic views require some form of a steep drop off. If you don’t feel physically able, or have a fear of heights—please let us know! We don’t want our clients to feel unsafe or uncomfortable. This is supposed to be fun! We just point this out, as some clients have never visited these National Parks + locations before and don’t know what to expect. Otherwise, if you’re physically able and comfortable, those cliff edges make for magical shots.

Your elopement/wedding attire will get dirty.

It’s nearly impossible to avoid getting your clothes/shoes dirty. You’ll probably be hiking in your attire on the trail, and it’s bound to happen. Some clients even prefer that their dress/suit gets dirty with mud. It adds to the story!

While it’s difficult to frequently change on the trail, it’s a lot easier to at least change in/out of hiking shoes. If your location requires a longer hike, be sure to check that you’re bringing appropriate footwear, food, and water.

Trust + Fun

Most importantly, to get those epic shots you gotta trust us. :) We won’t have you sitting on a cliff edge without asking how you feel. We will always keep your safety #1 (and ours!) at all times. Also, have fun with it all. It is your day to get epic shots, so let’s have fun with it!