North Cascades Snowy Winter Elopement

Katie and Adam are digital nomads traveling around the country and decided to elope while they were living in Washington! Getting married in the winter or in snowy conditions is always such a magical experience. The trails are significantly less busy and the snow adds an element of adventure. I personally love snowshoeing and love helping couples elope in the winter! So when they reached out I was really excited to be a part of their day! Katie has been skiing with her family all over the world in some pretty stunning places. So eloping out in the snowy mountains was a perfect fit!

Katie and Adam met me before sunrise to start snowshoeing in the dark to reach a snowy ridge with 360-degree mountain views on a clear day. They rented snowshoes from REI and even went on some other snowshoeing adventures while they lived in Washington! Katie wore her Dad’s vintage red sweatshirt for the snowshoe hike up on the trail as a way to incorporate her family into her day.

Once we reached the ridge, we were pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t windy at all. We were all expecting much colder conditions up top, but it ended up being much more peaceful. Instead of doing a first look, Katie and Adam decided to help each other get dressed. It’s a really sweet moment when you can help each other get dressed! And shortly after, the sun started to rise and we witnessed probably one of the clearest, most stunning alpenglows on Mt. Baker I’ve ever seen. The air was so crisp and calm, and the alpenglow on the mountains just felt so vivid.

Katie and Adam exchanged vows as the sun started to rise above Mt. Shuksan. There were lots of tears and laughter during their vows. It was a really heartfelt moment and I am so grateful to capture it for them. They were so sweet on each other! After their vows, they laid out a blanket and had a picnic! Adam is basically a professional baker, so he made croissants for them to enjoy. And I was happy to tell them about the backcountry drip coffee from a local coffee roastery. They ate breakfast, enjoyed the incredible mountain views, and then read letters from family.

After snowshoeing and all of the beautiful moments together up in the mountains, Katie and Adam were ready to go relax at their Airbnb. They stayed at the Hygge Hus (which is a cabin where lots of my couples have stayed). It’s as Pacific Northwest of an experience as you can get! After a short break at the cabin, I took them on a nearby trail through a beautiful forest. We love that you can go from snowy mountains to a lush rainforest in just a short drive in the PNW.

Katie and Adam decided it was time to celebrate with cake and champagne. They have a tradition as part of their travels to always “cheers” with their glasses lower than the other person (as a sign of respect). I love when we can document inside jokes or traditions that are meaningful for our couples. They even had some lil’ scrappies from Saltadena Bakery. This is a really easy way to get some amazing cake to enjoy for your elopement day! I cannot thank Katie and Adam enough for letting me be a part of their elopement, share all of their travel stories, and let usmetake them on an epic snowshoeing adventure in Washington!


  • Weather is usually less predictable in the winter, so it’s always good to have a backup plan like a lower elevation hike or be ready to do all of your activities at a cute cabin.
  • You can rent gear from a local REI (like snowshoes or backpacking gear) so you don’t have to fly with extra gear or purchase gear you might not use again.
  • You can borrow clothing from a close friend to wear as part of your elopement or wedding day. I’ve had multiple brides borrow a cute jean jacket or shawl to wear when it was cold.
  • You don’t have to do a first look! While I love first looks, it’s also really special to get dressed together. I love when couples help each other get dressed!


Lil’ Scrappies Cake: Saltadena Bakery & Cake Shop

Single Use Pour Over Coffee: Joe’s Fine Coffee

Croissants: Baked by the groom

Snowshoes: Rented at REI in Bellingham