North Cascades Jeep Elopement

Heather and Brian live in the Washington mountains, exploring remote forest roads with their decked-out Jeep and two dogs most days of the week. So an elopement was a natural fit for them! We, personally, are more introverted as a couple. So we love when other introverts like us can have an elopement experience that’s more casual and relaxed! Plus, we had already met up last year for their adventure engagement session exploring a fire lookout!

We’re so incredibly grateful for these two and the friendship we’ve created over the past couple of years. Not to mention, Heather has mailed us countless plant propagations for Jaclyn to build her house plant collection 😛 We knew they wanted to keep their elopement more casual, so we only planned a sunrise hike for them to say their vows and explore for photos. That way they could spend the rest of their day in casual clothes, eating good food, and just enjoying some alone time together.

After our sunrise hike in the dark, Heather and Brian helped each other get dressed (which we thought was super cute). They were so sweet on each other during their vows, and we were blown away by how quiet and peaceful it felt that morning. We spent a while exploring the summit, the fire lookout, and taking in the stunning views of Mt. Baker before hiking back down to the trailhead. Brian was excited–because that meant he could get out of his suit and back into his casual clothes in his Jeep!

Some of our couples opt to spend their time with us in more casual clothes because…they feel more comfortable! It’s totally optional to spend your whole day in your elopement attire. Exploring these forest roads with their Jeep is a super important part of their daily life together. So we were really excited to take photos with their Jeep that were more true to their relationship and how they spend time together.

Once again, we’re so honored that we got to document Heather and Brian’s elopement and help keep their day as casual and relaxed as they wanted. We’re so excited to see where their future adventures take them next!