Chrissy and Ed wanted to experience everything the Pacific-Northwest has to offer for their elopement. Which is why Olympic National Park was such a perfect place for their big day! Ed loves the mountains while Chrissy really loved the moody coastline and beaches in Washington. Olympic is one of the only places in the PNW where we get such a wide variety of landscapes to explore.

They exchanged vows privately in the Olympic mountains at sunrise, while spending some time with their family out on the Washington Coast. Their vows to each other were so sweet, and we’re so glad they had that private moment to start their day too. It’s such a good feeling to say your vows at the start of your day too! That way you can celebrate the rest of your elopement without any of those nerves!

The weather was moody and perfect for the evening. The beach was quiet and not a lot of people were out exploring. So it was a really intimate way to end the day. After celebrating with family, we hiked along the beach to a more secluded area where they had their first dance. Chrissy and Ed are private people (like us), so we knew it was really important they had lots of time to themselves throughout the day. And that’s what eloping is all about, right?