Moody Olympic Intimate Elopement

Kelsey and Seaver decided to get married in Olympic National Park, a very special place for Kelsey. She had family in British Columbia and had visited Olympic National Park before and felt like it was the perfect place for their intimate elopement. So they invited a few of their closest family members to celebrate and go on a moody adventure on the Olympic Peninsula!

Kelsie and Seaver stayed at a beautiful cabin that overlooked the Elwha River. It was absolutely stunning with views of the river from the living room. They got ready separately before driving with family to Lake Crescent for their morning ceremony. Everyone was giddy with excitement and ready to just have fun exploring the park. When they arrived at Lake Crescent, they hiked through a magical rainforest to a secluded beach looking out at the mountains. It’s one of my favorite spots in the Pacific-Northwest and feels absolutely serene.

After their touching ceremony with family (it was lightly raining and beautiful), they spent some time just with me exploring the rainforest while the family went back to the cabin. I really enjoyed getting to know them better and showing them a really stunning waterfall nearby. The moody weather made everything so magical and intimate. There were much fewer people out exploring the trails and we felt like we had the whole forest to ourselves.

Afterward, we headed back to their cabin for a casual lunch, cake, and most importantly–signing their marriage license! Once they were officially married, we headed out to the rugged Washington Coast to explore. It was the first time Seaver saw the Pacific Ocean! I love getting to share special moments like that with my couples. We ran around on the beach exploring different rock formations, looking for tidepools, and spent the evening celebrating. I’m incredibly honored that we got to spend the day exploring this magical place with such a sweet and thoughtful couple (and their family). They welcomed us with open arms, made us sandwiches and hot chocolate, and made it incredibly easy to document such a special time for them.


Videographer: Ryan (aka my husband)