Moab Jeep Adventure Elopement

Ceremony at Dead Horse Point State Park

Some of our favorite places to explore in Moab are actually not in the National Parks. When Steve and Melissa reached out to us for their small wedding, we knew that Dead Horse Point State Park would be a great fit! Don’t let the name fool you, it has some of the most stunning canyon views Moab has to offer!

We were so excited to meet these two and be a part of their small wedding. It was such a perfect way to incorporate loved ones without sacrificing any sense of adventure. They were able to have a ceremony at the edge of the canyon, hold a “picnic reception,” and of course–go off-roading for sunset photos.

Steve has been avidly off-roading all over Utah for years. So naturally, he wanted to make sure we did something special for their wedding day. And what better way than to tackle one of the best off-roading trails (at least for epic views).

After saying goodbye to loved ones in the afternoon, they met up with us again at a day-use parking area. And then we all went on one of the best off-roading adventures ever (we’re biased). Sure we’ve driven some sketchy National Forest roads and taken Moonbeam to 12,000 ft in Colorado on a washed-out dirt road. But that doesn’t really compare to the strategic boulder climbing and crawling Steve and his long time buddy performed on their wedding day. It was such an awesome experience to watch this Jeep Wrangler and Suzuki Samurai fly up those rocks.

When we reached the end of the trail, Steve parked his Jeep on a rock that hung out over the edge. It was probably the most badass place anyone could park their Jeep. After getting situated at the top, we all hopped out and explored with the sun setting in the distance.