Leavenworth Micro Wedding

Daisy and Brandon live in the Seattle area and frequently take weekend trips to their favorite bouldering spot outside of Leavenworth, Washington. So it made perfect sense that they would want to go back to Leavenworth for their micro wedding, and of course, go bouldering!

They started their day at a cute cabin outside of Leavenworth where they got dressed and had their first look. Daisy and Brandon were adorable and I’m so glad they took a moment to be together before meeting up with the rest of their family. I’m pretty sure Weston (their doggy) appreciated getting more lovings before the ceremony too.

We drove out to Lake Wenatchee State Park where their family had decorated a few picnic tables and set up for their ceremony at the lake. It was a beautiful Fall day with blue skies (even though we all expected moody rainy weather this time of year). We all enjoyed the warmth and sunshine as they gathered for their ceremony. Brandon’s Dad was the officiant and led the ceremony for them. And it was really special having different family members say a few words during the ceremony too. It was all so sweet and intentional.

Afterward, they had a short and sweet picnic reception with all of their guests. The family was really helpful in organizing everything for them so they could just enjoy the picnic. Once they were done celebrating with their guests, we drove out to one of their favorite bouldering spots for the late afternoon. I’m so grateful I was able to document these two “in their element.” Ryan and I do so many outdoorsy things already, and I’m always excited to get introduced to new hobbies. The community around bouldering and the sport itself were really inspiring!

I was blown away by the beautiful mountain views from a few of the different bouldering spots. So we took time between spots to enjoy the mountains and take more photos. Weston did a really good job of behaving for me too! ๐Ÿ™‚ We finished the evening by climbing down to the creek that runs through this mountain valley area. The creek was an important place for them, so we made sure to finish the day by getting a few more photos and exploring. I cannot thank Daisy and Brandon enough for letting me document and be a part of such a special day celebrating them. I loved getting to meet their friends and family, spend a sunny day at Lake Wenatchee, and document them in their element. Now I’m excited to start checking out my indoor climbing gym here in Colorado!

Wedding Tips:

  • Having a first look or even just getting ready together can be a really relaxing way to start your wedding day.
  • If you don’t have a wedding planner or assistant, designate a family member to be in charge of details and logistics (like reception details, gathering guests together, etc).
  • The ceremony spot featured is not reservable and doesn’t require a permit (2023). So there is no guarantee the spot will be available or that another couple won’t be getting married out there. So always have a backup venue for a group this size! ๐Ÿ™‚