Thank you for taking the time to fill out our questionnaire!

This questionnaire helps me create your Elopement Day Timeline PDF. I use this PDF to stay organized and make sure that we’re all on the same page. Can’t wait for your big day! 

Your name *
Your name
Your SO's name *
Your SO's name
Phone: *
To text or call day of, if need be.
I like to send cards throughout the year. :)
More feasible for late afternoon or Sunset Wedding. If you want getting ready photos for Sunrise, we could do a few at ceremony location right before (i.e. putting on lipstick or jacket, etc)
If your dress is multiple buttons, we've seen brides bring a crochet hook to help speed up the process.
Could be at an over look, your cute air bnb or cabin.
So you don't see each other :) Let me know if you need help with this one.
Sunrise, early morning, late afternoon, Sunset or an exact time?
Exchange gifts, play music together or just one of you (and if either of you want to email us separately in case it’s a surprise, please do!)
Or somewhere that requires a permit.
Could be at ceremony location to make it easier on your guests.
We will take all the traditional photos (big group, each family, etc).
Hiking Details
Have you let them know if they are? ;) Just make sure everyone has proper shoes, blankets to sit on if need be, water and a few snacks just in case.
Or general area (i.e. beach name, mountain range, etc)
Not ceremony, just us taking photos.
Or general area (i.e. beach name, mountain range, etc)
Have you hiked this trail? Are you an experienced hiker?
The Finale
Could be a venue, or even a cabin where you and your guests have a bonfire!
Bonfire, meal, first dance at sunset, champagne toasts, jump in a lake?