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Elopement packages for wherever your adventure takes you.


What the heck is an elopement?

An elopement is a more intentional and more intimate wedding day. It isn’t always the cheap, spontaneous “runaway” wedding that they used to be. Instead, it brings the wedding back to focus on what matters: your relationship & how the two of you deliberately want to celebrate your marriage. Whether you want to go on a day hike in the North Cascades, explore Yosemite Valley with your friends & family, or anything else that speaks to you heart—the goal of an elopement is to bring these exciting ideas to life in the most memorable way possible.

Elopement Or intimate wedding?

We don’t distinguish the difference between an elopement or an intimate wedding these days. We find that couples who invite less than 25 people are keeping it pretty intimate. Some couples have just a few close knit friends they want to celebrate with—while others have a larger intimate community. We also have couples who end up inviting a few more people throughout the process. So we don’t want you to stress about inviting 12 people instead of 10. We do the same amount of work either way to make sure you two have an amazing experience.

your photographers, guides & much more

When you officially hire us as your photographers, we’ll get to work right away. We will send you a questionnaire to help us best customize your day, assist with permits, location guidance, vendor recommendations—and anything else that might help make your elopement the unforgettable experience it deserves to be. We’ve shot elopements in a lot of different landscapes, climates, and elevations. We know how to come prepared as photographers, but we also know how to prepare our clients for their dream elopement. Whether it’s bringing walkie talkies to communicate from a different vantage point on the trail, or bringing headlamps for the hike back down—we think of all the helpful details to keep your day stress free. Being such a huge part of your wedding day means that we guide you through the whole experience, not just part of your day or for a “photo session.” We believe that the quality of our work rests in your experience—not just your photos.

Canyonlands sunrise elopement - bride and groom walking near edge
Adventurous Yosemite Elopement - Bride and Groom walking in the valley


Is travel time between locations considered part of coverage?

We only count the hours that we’re photographing or hiking with you as part of your coverage.

What happens if you get sick?

We’re a duo photography team. If one of us was sick, the other would be readily available to take you on an adventure! That’s one of the benefit of working with a duo team.

Do you have travel fees?

We now include the cost of travel within our packages. No need to worry about any extra fees! If you’re considering Hawaii, Iceland or somewhere off the Mainland—there might be a travel fee, but we like to keep it minimal.

How many photos do you deliver?

We deliver on average 50-60 photos per hour of coverage. It varies based on the hike and your planned activities. We deliver your photos within 3-4 weeks after your session date, and we’ll send over a sneek peak within 3-4 days of your session depending on our travel arrangements.

How much hiking is involved?

We’ve had elopements with 1-17 miles of hiking round trip. On average, our elopements are 3-5 miles of hiking. We have a detailed questionnaire that helps us cater hikes to your fitness and comfort levels.

What about bad weather?

Due to our busy travel schedule, it’s challenging for us to promise a back up day in case of inclement weather. The weather in a lot of these landscapes can be hard to predict. When you contact us, we’ll be sure to discuss what weather might be like for your elopement date + location. We’ve worked at the edge of gushing waterfalls, with heavy rain in a fjord, and a lot of other harsh conditions. If you’re flexible with your date and concerned about weather—you can mitigate most of your weather concerns. Otherwise, we’re prepared to walk you through a back up plan and make your elopement day epic—regardless of weather conditions.

Glacier Point Sunrise Elopement - Intimate Wedding + Elopement Photographer

Half Day Coverage

$2,600 USD

  • Up to 6 hours of coverage

  • Two Photographers

  • U.S. Travel Included

  • Location suggestions + guidance + help with permits

  • Includes any required commercial photography permits

  • Online gallery with high resolution photos with personal printing rights


Full Day Coverage

$3,400 USD

  • Up to 12 hours of coverage

  • Location suggestions + guidance + help with permits

  • Online gallery with high resolution photos with personal printing rights

  • Engagements, anniversaries, just for fun

  • Within our travel schedule, or fees may apply

Couple laughing in the Sedona Desert. Adventure, Intimate Wedding + Elopement Photographer


$750 USD

  • 2 hours of coverage

  • Location suggestions + guidance + help with permits

  • Online gallery with high resolution photos with personal printing rights

  • Engagements, anniversaries, just for fun

  • Within our travel schedule, or fees may apply

Having a wedding with 50+ guests?

We do shoot a limited number of larger weddings every year. So if you’re having a bigger party, we’d be still be interested in hearing about your plans!


 Let’s Plan You Adventure.