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An elopement brings the focus back to what matters: the two of you and how you want to celebrate your marriage. You’ll have a ceremony site with some of the most stunning views in the world. And after we’ve popped champagne or cracked open a beer, you’ll spend the day exploring and celebrating in a way that speaks to you. Whether you want to go on a day hike in the North Cascades or explore the Washington Coast. An elopement strips away the stress and the complicated details--and makes for one hell of a story.

Your elopement photographers are usually the first step in the process. Your location, additional vendors, the items you pack, how you plan your travel logistics--a lot of it comes from the help of your elopement photographers. We’ve worked with a lot of couples, and our involvement doesn’t stop at photography. This isn’t a client-vendor relationship. This is you working with experienced guides to create a wedding day that gets your heart racing. We’re here to make that idea happen.

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Reach out and we'll narrow down a rough date & location. You can check out our travel schedule for inspiration. Then we'll hop on a casual call to get to know each other better and make sure we're a good fit!

To make it official, we need a rough location and your date! Then we can send over a contract to review and sign, which has a 50% retainer. So exciting!!

Now that it's official, we'll send over a questionnaire to get to know you better to make specific recommendations. Then we'll send over our planning guides with vendor recs, our suggested hikes, and start planning YOUR elopement!

What your elopement with us could look like.

We love getting to show couples what it actually looks like behind the scenes! Check out this video to see how we approach elopements!

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