Grand Canyon Adventure

Hiking the South Kaibab Trail

Kim and Cory wanted to experience the Grand Canyon at sunrise for their elopement day–and who can blame them? It’s probably one of the most awe-inspiring places to see at sunrise. They wanted to hike with their son, Noah, who was 7 years old. It turns out, he’s already attempted a 14er in Colorado and done a lot of other epic hikes at such a young age. Noah is a pretty impressive hiker!

We met up at the South Kaibab Trail around 5 am to start our descent into the Grand Canyon. We came across hikers and trail runners attempting rim to rim–and even mules heading down to Phantom Ranch.

Once we got situated about 1.5 miles into the trail, Cory pulled out the trusty Jetboil and made us all scrambled eggs and coffee while Kim and Noah explored more of the trail. It was such a peaceful, no-frills way to start their elopement day–and we couldn’t be happier with how they chose to start their day. And of course, the free hot breakfast and coffee made us quite happy too.