Fall Olympic Adventure Elopement

Cece and Kyle took a road trip from Idaho to elope in Olympic National Park. They both fell in love with the landscapes of the Olympic Peninsula, and I was so excited to share this special place with them! We started their elopement day with a short hike for a moody sunrise in the mountains. It was incredible watching all of these huge clouds move in and out of the mountains. I absolutely love how moody it can be in Olympic National Park!

After getting ready, Cece and Kyle started their day by exchanging vows on a mountain ridge. They even both surprised each other with gifts (a handkerchief with their dog’s face printed on it with a message, and a Pokemon ball for their rings). It was so unique to their relationship and they were both laughing and crying together. After their beautiful vows and exchanging gifts, we headed back down the mountain to get out of the clouds and see if we could find a spot with more visibility. Luckily, we found a spot where we could see an incredible cloud inversion down in the valley below us!

Cece and Kyle then drove down the mountains to explore Lake Crescent for a picnic. Lake Crescent has some picnic tables nearby that make it pretty perfect for picnics! It also has beautiful trails you can explore in the rainforest that runs right by the lake. They brought a charcuterie board, some beers from Idaho, and a super tasty cake that a friend made for them. They enjoyed relaxing by the lake after their sunrise hike, and I stepped away to give them a private moment to enjoy their picnic with a view.

We all took a break before meeting up again for sunset out at the beach. Olympic is incredibly unique in the fact that you can explore mountains, rainforests, and the rugged coastline all in one day. There’s so much diversity you can explore and it almost feels unreal! I absolutely love it! Which is why I used to live in Port Angeles (and miss it! lol).

These two were able to celebrate with their dogs (Winnie and Charles) out at the beach. They both had so much personality and it was a lot of fun taking photos with them! Cece’s sister was incredibly kind and drove out to Olympic to help take care of the dogs and help us wrangle them together for photos! We meandered down the beach after spending time with their dogs for Cece and Kyle to have their first dance. It was a really special and emotional moment where they were able to reflect on their whole relationship. They both were teary-eyed and held onto each other tightly for the whole song. We all were crying too as I took their photos! I am unbelievably grateful to have met Cece and Kyle (and their cutie dogs) and help them have an amazing full day exploring the beauty of Olympic National Park!


Flowers: The Faux Bouquets

Dress: Sarabeth Bridal

Suit: The Suit Shop

Charcuterie Boxes: Sea to Summit Charcuterie Co