Fall Mt. Baker Elopement

Danielle and Paul drove up from California to explore more of the Pacific-Northwest with us. They had visited several times for hiking adventures since they had family in Tacoma. So they decided what better way to elope than in Washington?!

These two felt like old friends from the start. Mostly because of their travel and hiking experiences together. One of their stories together that really resonated with us is that when Danielle was hiking the John Muir Trail–she rolled her ankle and had a severe sprain on the trail. It was early on in their dating relationship, but Paul came to the rescue and drove all the way out to meet her in a nearby mountain town. Luckily, a family in a minivan was able to get her back to town. Nevertheless, this story was the start of their love and bond with one another. And it was such a cute story that reminded us of a lot of “Type 2” fun experiences we’ve also had as a couple.

Like many elopements in the outdoors, we had to pivot plans on their day. A random road closure was happening in the late morning. So they trusted us and we opted for a super early sunrise (almost pre-sunrise) ceremony in the Mt. Baker area. It was quiet, calm, and the signs of Fall were all around us in the moody mountains. They were so unbelievably sweet to each other during their ceremony. And after that–the rest of the day was just exploring and having fun! Which is why we recommend doing vows earlier in the day.

We showed them a few other of our favorite spots in the Mt. Baker area before taking a break for the afternoon. Then we met up again in the evening for their brief ceremony with family. We went to a beautiful overlook and everyone was blown away by the views. Their dog (Sir Winston) was able to join us for the ceremony and even be the ring bearer! Later on, we were able to explore with Winston for a few photos too and he *mostly* behaved for us 😛 For their family ceremony though, somehow we timed it just right with the sun setting over the mountains behind us.

We got really lucky with clear weather in the Fall. It can be moody for weeks at a time (which we love), but we appreciated the little bit of sunshine in the afternoon. The clouds parted in the evening so Danielle and Paul could get their first look at Mt. Baker and the surrounding mountains. There was a recent snowfall which made the mountains look even more beautiful this time of year. They were in awe!

These two were so open and fun to work with. We were incredibly honored to show them our backyard and explore the moody mountains. We hope to hike with them or go on an overseas adventure together someday! Until then, we’ll just get to reflect on their beautiful elopement adventure in Mt. Baker!

Elopement Tips:

  • If you want to bring your dog, make sure there are dog-friendly trails available. If the terrain is going to be ruff (pun intended) and rocky, be sure to bring “dog boots” and get your pup familiar/comfortable with them beforehand.
  • Another tip with bringing your dog, understand that it can be a lot of work to have your dog with you the whole time. Just plan for an hour with your dogs at most, and if you can have a friend/family member to help with your dog–it’ll be a lot easier for everyone!
  • Weather in the Pacific-Northwest can be moody. Plan a full-day elopement to give yourself more opportunities to see if the mountains will pop out from behind the clouds.
  • Don’t be afraid to wear your puffy jacket for photos! We love it 🙂 This is an adventure elopement after all!