Destination Elopement in Norway

Proposal in Colorado Today, Flying to Norway Tomorrow

Austin reached out to us with grand plans of proposing and eloping all in one go. And we were so stoked to be involved and help him plan out both! Austin is a long time friend of Jaclyn. So we were able to “casually” meet up in Colorado during their vacation to go hiking together. Little did Brendan know, we were all hiking up to an alpine lake for Austin to propose (aw!).

The surprise didn’t end there, though. As Austin got to surprise Brendan again by asking him to hop on a plane in Denver the next day to fly off to Norway with us. He literally didn’t believe us! He was so stunned. So we headed back down the trail after he said yes, and the next morning we were at the Denver Airport heading off!

After spending a few days in Oslo, we started to drive out towards the coast. We had lunch seemingly in the middle of the Norwegian country. The terrain started to become more mountainous, as we passed lakes and a few waterfalls. We finally arrived at our destination: a small town at the edge of the fjord. Austin and Brendan spoiled us a bit with our own Airbnb overlooking the fjord.

The next morning, we made our way to up a nearby hike that we knew would have an amazing view overlooking the fjord. We were so excited to share this place with them for their ceremony. When we finally came around the bend in the trail where the landscape opened up–it was one of the most stunning landscapes we’ve seen. Looking down at the inlet where the glaciers had carved out this path was just beyond words.

So the two of them, who just days before weren’t even engaged, were now standing at the edge of this Norwegian fjord, dapper as could be, ready to pronounce their love for each other. We documented from a distance to give them space as they exchanged vows.