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Why I Shoot Elopements

I photographed many traditional weddings in the Midwest before moving to the mountains. Over the years, I realized that something was just...missing. I wanted couples to have an experience--to have a story worth telling. A story about the 14er they climbed, or when they saw Half Dome at sunrise for the first time. It’s unbelievably fulfilling to help guide and curate elopements and adventurous weddings.

The experience is more intimate for the couple—but it’s also more intimate for me. I play a much larger role in elopements and intimate weddings than I did years ago. Couples rely on me and my experience to really make the most out of a National Park/beautiful landscape. The places I work have had a tremendous impact on my life. I love getting to share that with my couples.

Traveling in Moonbeam to Living in the Rockies

Van life was a goal of mine since seeing rock climbers in Squamish, British Columbia living out of their vans. I lived and worked in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming for a summer. So van life was a natural transition for me (and for the business). In 2018, More Van Anything experienced a ton of growth. Busier than ever, we spent more time on logistics than we did hiking and exploring the great outdoors.

We spent the winter thinking long and hard about how we would handle 2019. We wanted to be more effective with our skills, spend more time outdoors, and spend less time worrying about logistics. Ultimately, this led to Ryan taking over the business side (which he loves doing). While I still get to work, hike, and explore with awesome couples.

We still deeply believe in our nomadic ways. But we realized that life isn’t so black & white. We have long term goals of living overseas, building a quonset (or two), and to open up another business. This is how we plan on reaching our full potential. We get to hike more, spend more time together, and improve our business. Win win win. We all win. (The Office fans know what’s up!)

My Base-bear

Ryan is my zealous, outdoorsman — and my fiancé!

While he sometimes travels with me, this year he’ll be taking over editing, marketing, our new (still secret) business, working on video projects--and anything else that helps keep the business running smoothly.

We learned a lot with our growth in 2018. We found this works best for our relationship, our unique talents, and our clients.

Favorite Hike

I’ve been asked this question a few times now and I thought I would share my answer! I have a lot of favorite hikes since I’ve done so many, but one that always comes to mind is this story:

I had jumped in the car with a person I barely knew for a month long road trip across the Rockies, up into Canada and back down the coast. While in Vancouver, Canada with our couch surfing host, she offered to take us on a hike up in Squamish called The Chief. It was a steep hike straight up the side of the mountain. The hardest hike I had ever done. I was ill prepared; cute boots from Target, jeans and 1 measly water bottle (I know…dumb). But somehow I managed to hike over wooden steps, huge boulders, even had chains and ladders to continue upwards. It took too many hours, but once I got to the top…boy did I feel like I accomplished the most amazing thing ever! My body hated me of course, so much so that on the way down, my legs felt like jelly, so I decided to sprint down. I was literally running down the side of a mountain! Once I made it to the bottom, I collapsed out of exhaustion, but so so happy I did it. I know a lot of people who have similar stories and I just love it.

From that hike on, I knew I could always finish what I started. Even when Ryan has pushed me to continue up to Observation Point in Zion, or hike 12+ miles down the Grand Canyon, or that time we were hiking the coast of Oregon and found rope to “repel” down to the rocky cliffs and enjoy a beautiful sunset. Yea…we’ve done a lot and I am so pumped to continue doing bigger, more bad-ass hikes moving forward.


A few of my adventures (in photos)

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